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Nothing is more annoying than blocked drains. With a clogged drain, there’s not much you can do. The toilet will not flush properly or at all, and water can even wash over the toilet. Showering becomes less enjoyable if a layer of water remains in the shower tray after showering and how can you still use the sink in the kitchen if it is full of waste water that no longer flushes away? All the more reason to do something about it quickly. In some cases you can try to unclog the drain yourself, but in many cases it is necessary to call in a professional unblocker.

Problems with your drain? Contact us!

Whatever your drain is clogged, please contact us. We are a professional unblocking service that can unblock your drains professionally. We also assess how far down the drain the blockage is, or whether it is a deeper blockage in the sewer. With our professional equipment you will be rid of blocked drains in no time and be able to use your sink, toilet or bath again.

Our working method

As a unblocking service we are specialised in unblocking drains. In fact, unblocking drains is our core business. This is very different from a general plumber, who does many other jobs on top of that and only occasionally encounters a clog. With professional equipment and tools, no clog is too big for us. In addition, we not only unclog your drains, we also clean them. This guarantees that your drains will be free of blockages for a long time.

What kind of unblocking can we help with?

Unless you realise it, there are all kinds of drainpipes running through your entire house. The most well-known drains are the sanitary drains, but there are also various drains which are connected to household appliances. Think of the washing machine and the dishwasher. The outside of your house also has drains, such as the rainwater drain. No matter which drain you are having problems with, whether it is a clog or damage to the drain, we can solve it for you. We specialise in the following, among other things:


Drainage is a broad concept, because there are many different types of drains in and around your home. Drains do have one thing in common: they drain (polluted) water or rainwater. This is done using a drainage system that is ultimately connected to the sewer network. If the drainpipe or sewer is blocked, there is a blockage and the water can no longer be drained properly. Damage to the drain or sewer can also cause a blockage. Depending on the severity and depth of the blockage, you can either unblock the drain yourself or call in a drain cleaning service.

Bath drain

The bath drain is attached to the bottom of the bath and is almost always invisible. If there is a blockage this can cause problems and it is difficult to access. With a built-in bathtub it is therefore always wise to create a passage at the level of the bathtub drain so you do not have to demolish the entire bathtub conversion. It is then much easier to remove the pipe or siphon and clean it.

Shower drain

The shower drain has the same problem as a bath drain: it is difficult to reach. In classic shower cabins with a raised shower tray, the underlying drain lies on the floor and is connected to the drain in the floor. It is somewhat easy to access this. A current trend is the walk-in shower. A feature of this is that any shower tray is built into the floor so that there are no obstacles. Aesthetically, this is nice, but the drain is deeper in the floor. In any case, after showering always make sure you clear the shower drain of hair and rinse away any remaining soap residue. This will minimise the risk of a blockage in the shower drain.


The sink is placed in the kitchen in the worktop. Under the worktop there is a siphon with a pipe which usually disappears into the wall or the floor. A blockage is usually in the siphon or in the gooseneck. In the event of a blockage, it is easy to dismantle the siphon and gooseneck and clean them thoroughly yourself. If this does not help, the blockage is deeper. A drain cleaning service can quickly and easily unblock the sink using professional tools. Also, always use a strainer in the sink so that coarse food particles and grease are not flushed down the drain. This will greatly reduce the risk of a blockage.

Siphonic drains

The rainwater discharge, such as a gutter, can easily become blocked. The most likely time is in autumn when the leaves start falling. If too many leaves end up in the rainwater discharge, rainwater will no longer be discharged properly. If there is heavy rainfall, the drain will fill up and overflow. Because a gutter sits at the edge of the roof, there is a great risk that moisture will seep through the seams of the roof and you will not only have a clogged gutter, but also leakage to your roof. Inspect your siphonic roof drainage system several times a year and clear it of leaves and debris. Also watch out for damage to the siphon, as this can also cause a blockage or leak.


The rain pipe is in most cases connected to the rainwater discharge. The rainwater drain collects rainwater and discharges it via the drainpipe to the sewer, a rain barrel or into the ground. A blockage in the downpipe is closely linked to the condition of the gutter. If a lot of leaves and dirt are present here, they will wash away with the rainwater through the drainpipe. This dirt can eventually accumulate and get stuck in the drainpipe. Water will then no longer be able to be drained from the gutter and the gutter will steam over. It is therefore especially important to keep the rainwater drain clean, to prevent the drainpipe from becoming blocked. Another common problem may be the fastening. If a downspout is not properly attached, it can get loose or even come off the wall altogether. Make sure that the downspout is properly attached.

Professional kitchen drain

The professional kitchen drain can be found in catering establishments and all other establishments with a kitchen. A well connected kitchen drain at a catering establishment or professional body is connected to a grease trap. This is where all the fat is stored and prevents the drain from blocking. Have the grease separator emptied regularly by a drain cleaning service to prevent problems with your drain.


The sewer is usually a system that runs under the ground and to which all indoor drains are connected. If you flush a lot of dirt and grease down the drain, this can cause problems in the sewer. A ‘grease mountain’ can then form in the sewer, blocking the flow of all wastewater to the main sewer. Sometimes sewer problems can occur without you being able to influence them, such as subsidence, root growth through the sewer or digging work. Always call in a drain cleaning service when you have sewer problems. A drain cleaning service can use camera detection to pinpoint the location and identify the problem.

Toilet / WC

A clogged toilet is often the result of using too much toilet paper and flushing things that don’t really belong in the toilet, such as wet wipes and sanitary towels. Therefore, only flush toilet paper down the toilet and be sparing with toilet paper. All other items should be thrown in the waste bin. But a toilet can also have narrow or incorrectly constructed drains. In case of a severe toilet blockage, always call a drain cleaning service.


The dishwasher has to drain all the water it uses to rinse the dishes via its own drain. Always ensure that there is a good connection to the dishwasher and always rinse very heavily soiled dishes beforehand. That way you can be sure that no coarse dirt particles will end up in the dishwasher drain, and your dishes will also be better cleaned.


Depending on how often you run a wash, the drain of the washing machine has a lot of water to deal with. Because clothes are being washed, a lot of dust particles, hairs and other dirt come along with the dirty water. Since the washing machine drain is usually narrow, it can easily become clogged. Soap residue does not help either and can also be a cause of a clogged washing machine drain. For a clogged washing machine drain, you can also call in an unblocker.

When to call in an unblocker?

In most cases, when a blockage starts to form, you will be able to try to solve it yourself. This can be done with a chemical remedy and on the internet there are also plenty of tips on how to unblock with simple remedies. But if you have a persistent clog, the clog is too deep or you have a problem with the sewer, this will usually not help. The only solution is to call in a drain cleaning service. An unblocking service has all the resources to unblock drains quickly and professionally and to repair damage to drains or sewers. So don’t mess around with a clog and call in an unblocker as soon as possible, to prevent the clog from becoming even more persistent.

What are the costs of a clogging service?

How much you have to pay for an unblocker depends on several factors. The rate a sewerage service will charge, for instance. This can differ per unblocking service. Some unblocking services charge an hourly rate and other unblocking services charge a fixed price for an unblocking. The nature of the clog, how deep and persistent the clog is, also plays a role in calculating the cost price and how easy a drain is to reach. For a normal unblocked drain, you should consider an average price, which can range from €75 to €200. If there are other problems, such as damage to the sewer, the price will increase considerably.

Step plan for using an unblocker

Do you need to unblock a bath drain? Or maybe a sink? In most cases an unblocker is only called when nothing else is possible and you really have big problems. You can certainly try to unblock the drain yourself, but if you are experiencing acute problems, it is advisable to call in a drain cleaning service right away.

Step 1:

Did you discover a clog in a drain? Then first try to get an idea of the seriousness of the situation. Can the toilet still be flushed and does the water still flow, albeit somewhat more slowly? Then it may be that the clog is not so stubborn or is not deep.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Does the plunger not work and all the remedies still don’t solve your clog? Then remove the siphon from the drain and possibly the gooseneck and clean it thoroughly. Do this carefully and use a water pump pliers and put a bucket under the drain to let water drain.

Step 4:

Step 5:

If you have tried everything and the blockage is not resolved, contact the unblocker service. That way you can be sure that your drain will be unblocked quickly and properly.

It’s not necessary to do all the work yourself.

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