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Unclogging service

Unclogging downspout

If you are dealing with a clog, it can be very annoying. There are all kinds of elements in the house that can get clogged by different reasons and the downspout is one of them. A clogged downspout is annoying, but not difficult to solve. Do you have problems with a clogged downspout? Contact us! We can trace the cause of the clogged downspout and make sure that the problem gets solved.

Causes for a clogged downspout

A clogged downspout doesn’t happen overnight and there can be several causes that cause the clogging. The biggest cause of a clogged downspout is the leaves that stay behind in the gutter. Other causes are moss, pieces of tiles or gravel or sand when you have a flat roof. If you want to avoid a clogged downspout, it is important to clean the gutter regularly. Best is to do this at least twice a year. When it has rained a lot, it is important to make sure that this does not lead to clogging.

When to call an unclogging service?

It is important to ensure that your downspout does not get clogged, but if it does, it is important to combat it as soon as possible. If you don’t do this fast enough, it may lead to moisture damage. If this continues for too long, it will lead to damp spots on the wall. The sewage system can also be affected. There are some tips to clean your own downspout, but when this doesn’t work it’s important to use a downspout unclogging service. We will provide you with the root cause of the problem and solve the problem as soon as possible.

What are the costs of unclogging a downspout?

It is difficult to put a price tag on unclogging the downspout. Every situation is different and requires different materials or working hours. It is therefore recommended that you contact us and give as much details as possible about the problem. This allows us to better assess the situation and provide a more specific cost estimate. Unfortunately, it is only possible to provide a specfic cost overview when we visit .

Step-by-step plan unclogging downspout

There are a number of things you can do when you are suffering from a clogged downspout! We will discuss them step by step.

Step 1

First of all, it is important to clean the gutter. Remove all leaves and branches in the gutter. This means not only in the gutter itself, but also in the downspout. Bits of moss will also have to be removed. Once you’ve done this, you can pour a bucket of water into the gutter to see if the clogging in the downspout has been removed.

Step 2

If the water does not run through, the clogging is unfortunately not solved. Another tip you can try is to take a long stick or a drain spring and put it down the downspout. By moving it back and forth a couple of times, you might be able to discover the reason for the clog. If there is dirt and leaves in it, puncturing through this may help.

Step 3


Using a high-pressure sprayer can also help! This can be used from above as well as from below. Sometimes it is necessary to saw off a piece of the drainpipe to do this efficiently.

Step 4

If the clog is not in the downspout, it is possible that the clog is in the ground. You have to dig out the downspout, but you have to do this carefully to prevent damage. It is sometimes advisable to use a professional company for such cases.

Step 5

If all these steps do not help to solve the clogging, it is advisable to call a professional unclogging company. We will help you locate the problem and also solve it as quickly as possible. You can get rid of your problem in no time, without having to carry out too many difficult steps yourself.

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