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Unclogging service

Unclogging kitchen drains

When you like to cook or bake, the kitchen is one of the most intensively used spaces in the house. The sink and tap are an indispensable part of the kitchen. You need water for almost all recipes, but for the dishes and for cleaning as well. When there’s a clog in the kitchen drain, the kitchen becomes difficult to use. Especially if you have a serious clog in the kitchen drain and the water no longer drains away. You’ll end up with a layer of dirty water in the sink and the sink will no longer be usable.

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You want to remove a clog in your kitchen drains as soon as possible. All your work in the kitchen will be compromised, because you can no longer use the sink and the tap if the water doesn’t drain properly or not at all. Unclogging the sink itself will be possible if the clogging hasn’t settled yet. But if the water is already up to the edge of the sink, it can be difficult to remove the clogging yourself. In this case it is advisable to contact us. We have professional equipment and tools to help you get rid of your clogging, allowing you to make full use of your kitchen again.

Causes of clogged kitchen drains

Did you know that the most common cause of clogged kitchen drains is the users of the kitchen itself? What are the most common causes of clogged kitchen drains?

Food rests from the kitchen sink

It’s so easy: little food leftovers that you just wash away in the sink. Sometimes you don’t do this on purpose, but you just have a lot of dirty dishes with a lot of food leftovers on them. All these food particles can accumulate in the kitchen sink and cause a clog. It is advisable to use a kitchen sieve, in order to keep food residue in the sieve and to prevent it from being flushed down the drain.

Liquid fats down the sink

Grease used for frying meat will always liquefy in a hot pan. When you are done cooking, you will notice the fat starts to solidify. When dishwashing the pan, most people make the mistake of rinsing the pan under the hot tap. The fat will become liquid again and will be rinsed through the sink. The disadvantage of this is that fat does not gets through the kitchen sink as quickly as water does, but continues to adhere to the sink and solidify again. If you do this regularly, a layer of solidified fat may lead to clogging.

The kitchen drain is not properly connected

Each kitchen drain can be connected in different ways. In addition, you will find a siphon with gooseneck in the kitchen cupboard under the sink. Since connecting a sink doesn’t have to be very difficult, many people do this themselves. It will not surprise you that this leads to many different connections, where many kitchen drains are not properly connected to the sink. In order to have it properly connected, always have a plumber or unclogging service do it for you.

When calling in a unclogging service?

If you’ve already tried to get rid of the clog but the water is still standing in the sink or is still flushing away with difficulty, then the clog is still there. It’s better to call in an unclogging service. This ensures that your kitchen sink will be unclogged properly and quickly, and the water will drain through the kitchen sink as usual.

What are the costs of unclogging a kitchen drain?

The price of unclogging the kitchen drain depends mainly on the unclogging service. Sometimes you pay a fixed price for unclogging the kitchen drain and sometimes an hourly rate is charged. With a fixed price, a drain service will charge an average of between $ 80,- and $ 100,-. If an unclogging service charges per hour, then assume an average hourly rate of $ 40,- to $ 50,-.

Step-by-step plan for unclogging the kitchen drain

It’s a good idea to check what you do yourself when you are faced with a clogged kitchen drain. If this really doesn’t help, then call in an unclogging service.

Step 1:

The classic plunger is simple, yet very effective. Always make sure that there is a layer of water in the sink, allowing you to easily create a vacuum.

Step 2:

Soda mixed with hot or boiling water seems to be an effective home, garden and kitchen remedy. Mix soda with hot water and drain through the kitchen sink. Wait a few minutes before flushing the drain.

Step 3:

A chemical unblocking agent may also help. This usually consists of two components. Sometimes you have to wait a night before you can flush the kitchen drain again.

Step 4:

If the blockage is not that deep, try to remove the siphon and gooseneck and clean them thoroughly. If the clogging is in there, you’ll get rid of the problem immediately.

Step 5:

If nothing helps, call an unclogging service. The unclogging service has all the tools to help you get rid of your clogging quickly and professionally.

Don’t put off using a plumbing service too much, this will only make the clogging more pertinent and you won’t be able to do anything in the kitchen all this time.

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