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Unclogging rainwater drain

Each house is equipped with a rainwater drain. The rainwater drain consists of the gutters and the drainpipes at the house. The Rainwater drain prevents rain from flowing down the walls and to get into house. A Rainwater drain also ensures that the roof is relieved. Rain flows from the roof into the gutter and via the drainpipe the water is drained to the sewer, the ground or a rain barrel. It becomes a problem if the rainwater drain is clogged or damaged. Rainwater is then given the opportunity to enter the house, causing leaks and all sorts of associated moisture problems.

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What do you do if you have problems with your rainwater drain? It depends on what problems you have. As a rule, a clog in the rainwater system is caused by leaves and dirt in the gutter. It is therefore important to inspect the gutter regularly. As soon as there is dirt or leaves in the gutter, you should remove them as soon as possible. You clear the clog and rainwater gets the chance to flow to the drainpipe again. You may not be able to inspect the gutters or the gutters may be difficult to reach. There may also be other problems with the rainwater drain, such as a damaged gutter or downspout. In all these cases, please feel free to contact us, to have our professional come by and solve your problems. This will relieve you of the risk of leaks and moisture problems.

Causes of clogged rainwater drains

A blocked rainwater drain causes all kinds of problems. Rainwater can no longer leave and will remain on the roof. It is also possible that a gutter is flooded and rainwater flows down the walls. Especially with porous walls, you run the risk that moisture will penetrate through the walls, resulting in all kinds of moisture problems, such as fungi. It is therefore important to trace the cause of the clog and to do something about it as soon as possible. What are the main causes of blocked rainwater drain?

Dirt in the gutters

In autumn in particular, the risk of blocked rainwater drains is high. Leaves fall from the trees and end up in the gutter. Leaves can accumulate, especially in the connection with the drainpipe, preventing water from flowing away. Regular checking the gutters is therefore necessary to prevent problems.

Water drain is damaged

Roof gutters and downspouts are also subject to wear and tear. The rainwater drain is constantly exposed to the weather, which may cause cracks in the gutters and downspouts. This will cause a leaking rainwater drain and it is also the place where dirt can accumulate and cause a clogging. In winter, when weather is freezing, the risk of damage to the rainwater drain is greatest. At the site of a clog there’s accumulated water that freezes. Frozen water will expand and can damage the rainwater drain.

Water drain is not properly connected

An incorrectly connected rainwater drain is also sensitive to blockages as well as damage. Connecting a gutter and downspout must be done properly. If you can’t do this yourself or if you have any doubts about whether you have installed a gutter and downspout correctly, you should call a plumber. This will ensure a perfect connection of your rainwater system, ensuring that a faulty connection does not lead to problems.

Keeping a close eye on the rainwater drain is the most important thing you can do to prevent clogs and problems with your rainwater discharge.

When to call an unclogging service?

There is a lot you can do yourself to prevent a clog in the rainwater drain. If there’s a clog already arisen and you can’t get to it, then it’s wise to call in an unclogging service. In most cases, an unclogging service uses professional equipment and tools to professionally unclog the rainwater drain.

What are the costs of unclogging a rainwater drain?

Some unclogging services charge fixed prices for their services, including unclogging rainwater drains. This can be beneficial if it turns out that unclogging takes more time. Other unclogging services charge an hourly rate. In the event of damage to the rainwater system, you must also take into account the costs of parts of the system. To unclog the rainwater system, you should consider an average price of between $ 75 and $ 200.

Stap-by-step plan for unclogging rainwater drain

In case of a clogged rainwater drain, you don’t have to call an unclogging service immidiately. There are still plenty of possibilities to try to remove the clogging yourself, before you finally have to call the unclogging service.

Step 1:

The most logical step, and what should be routine, is to check and clean the gutters several times a year.

Step 2:

Is the clog in the downspout? Then it is difficult to find the exact location. With a tension spring or a garden blow you can get into the downspout to see if you can get rid of the blockage.

Step 3:

To prevent problems with the downspout, it may be useful to place leaf traps at the connection between the gutter and the downspout. This will prevent leaves from getting into the downspout, which prevents clogging.

Step 4:

You have clean gutters and the downspout isn’t clogged either? There may be other causes. In this case, have an unclogging service drop by. They can easily find the clog or any other cause and deal with it immediately.

An unclogging service not only unclogs rainwater drains. They can also carry out repairs and, if necessary, replace the entire rainwater system.

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