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Unclogging service

Unclogging the sink

If you suddenly smell a strong sewer smell, or if you have been smelling it for some time, or if the water no longer flows properly down the drain, the sink may well be clogged. This can be very annoying, especially when you consider that clogged drains can cause problems for the main drain.

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The causes of a clogged sink

Reason one

The most common reason for a clogged sink is an accumulation of soap and toothpaste residues as a result of daily use. These residues easily get stuck onto the walls of the sewer pipe.

Reason two

Other dirt or hair can also cause the accumulation on the walls to increase. Even dust can be a culprit. This can also cause a lot of unpleasant smells.

Reason three

In addition to reasons one and two, there may also be a problem with untreated sewage coming directly to the sewer. This problem often comes from public sewage pipelines.

So there are several reasons why a sink can get clogged. Everything that you flush down the drain first goes through the pipes of your house before it gets into the main sewer. In general, if you find out early on that there is a clog, it will be easier and quicker to fix it.

When to call an unclogging service?

It can be very useful to use a professional unclogging service when you are suffering from clogging in the house. These professionals know exactly what to do to solve the problem quickly. There is often cooperation with local unclogging companies, which means that you’ll be helped quickly and efficiently. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, you can use a company to do it for you.

What are the costs of unclogging a sink?

Before a professional company gets to your doorstep, it is nice to know what the exact costs will be. Keep in mind that every clogging is different, and it is therefore difficult to set a fixed price. Some problems are more tenacious than others and take longer to resolve. The best thing you can do is contact the unclogging company in advance to explain the situation and get an estimate of the costs.

Stap-by-step plan for unclogging the sink

It might be a good idea to try out a number of tricks to see if it’s possible to solve the clogging yourself. There are five steps.

Step one

When it’s just a small clog, which is the case when the water doesn’t run through the drain as fast as it did before, it’s best to try to unblock it with a rubber plunger first. The suction cup should be over the drain and it works even better when there is some water in the sink. A liquid plunger is also possible.

Step two

After using the rubber plunger, treat the sink with a vinegar/soda solution. Mix it by putting a handful of bakingoda in a cup of water and add a cup of vinegar. This will start to buzz immediately. Pour the mixture into the drain of the sink and let it work for 15 minutes. Then pour a liter of boiling water on top of it.

Step three

Remove the sieve from the sink and clean it thoroughly. It is possible that there are traces of soap or toothpaste in it, which may have caused the clogging.

Step four

After that, it is necessary to remove the siphon under the drain and clean it, together with the drain pipe.

Step five

If the clogging is still not resolved after these four steps, you can clean the gooseneck with a drain spring.

It is important that you act as quickly as possible when you find that the water has stopped flowing through or when there is a bad odor in the bathroom or in the house. If you leave the clogging in for too long, the problems will get worse and there may be extra problems with the main drain. Professional unclogging companies can help not only with the sink, but also with sewage flies, torn pipes and other clogged drains in the house such as in the washing machine or in the drainpipe. It is also possible to have the pipes inspected by these companies and to clean the sewage system. If necessary, it is also possible to extend or replace the sewer system of your house.

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