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Unclogging service

Unclogging the dishwasher

The dishwasher has become indispensable in many households. A dishwasher also helps to make housework easier. You put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and a while later the dishes come out shining clean again. It’s different when you get problems with a clogged dishwasher. This is cause for a lot of inconvenience, sometimes even with flowing over the kitchen floor. A clog in the dishwasher must therefore be solved as quickly as possible.

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The dishwasher has many parts. It’ s only logical that you don’t understand every part of the dishwasher and what causes it to clog. Sometimes it can be easily solved with some simple maintenance, but it is also possible that parts are broken or that the drain of the dishwasher is actually clogged. You don’t know what to do because your dishwasher problems? Please contact us. We understand all types of dishwashers and can quickly remove clogging. Your dishwasher will run smoothly again after that, resulting in perfectly shiny dishes.

Causes for a clogged dishwasher

A clogged dishwasher can be caused by a number of things. In many cases, you can prevent a clogging by regularly maintaining the dishwasher properly. It is also possible that parts are broken, in which case there is nothing you can do about it and it just happens. The most common causes of a clogged dishwasher:

Leftovers in the dishwasher

Just like with classic dishwashing, you can get too much food or too big chunks in the dishwasher. With manual dishes, the food residue gets stuck in the kitchen drain. With a dishwasher, most food residues end up in the filter or in the drain pump. As a result, the drain pump no longer works and water with food residue remains at the bottom of the dishwasher. Proper cleaning of the drain pump and the filter already solves many problems. At the back of the dishwasher there’s the drain hose through which the dirty water is drained. It is also possible that food residues will remain in this hose.

Calcium deposits in the dishwasher

The main rule for household appliances that get into contact with water is that you have to descale regularly. Lime in the water will start to settle on the vital parts. Parts will be damaged and equipment will no longer be able to be used efficiently. This also applies to the dishwasher. Make sure that you descale the dishwasher regularly and fill it with sufficient salt, to prevent limescale in the drain from causing clogging. Limescale in the dishwasher can also lead to leakage.

Broken parts in the dishwasher

The dishwasher and all its components are subject to wear and tear. This can cause parts to break down. With a dishwasher, many crucial parts are important. You can often see in advance whether parts wear out or are broken. This always has an effect on the dishes themselves. The dishes will then no longer be properly cleaned. If the drain hose is broken, you can suffer from both leakage and a blockage. It is wise to call in an unblocking service that can trace the exact cause and, if necessary, replace parts.

Many blockages are caused by poor maintenance and incorrect use of the dishwasher. Therefore, apply the necessary maintenance on a regular basis and always pre-rinse when the dishes are very dirty.

When to call a unclogging service?

Because the dishwasher is full of technical parts, it can sometimes be a mystery where the clogging in the dishwasher originates. Especially if you have no clue when it comes to technical parts. That’s why it’s best to call on the services of an unclogging service, who employ dishwashers experts. An expert will have no problem to track down and solve the clog.

What are the costs of unclogging a dishwasher?

How much it costs to unclog a dishwasher depends entirely on where the problem in the dishwasher is. If it is a clog in the drain of the dishwasher, it is a normal unclogging, for which you pay about $50 to $150,-. It is also possible that a clogging is caused by broken parts. In this case, the parts will have to be replaced and the prices may be different.

Step-by-step plan for unclogging the dishwasher

Do you have a clogged dishwasher? Then it might be smart to check a few things for yourself first. Only when this doesn’t help is it necessary to call in an unclogging service.

Step 1:

Remove the filter(s) from the dishwasher and clean them thoroughly. This is a job you have to do regularly to prevent clogging in the dishwasher.

Step 2:

Try to locate and clean the drain pump. Please read the instructions for this, as it works differently for each dishwasher. Wear gloves when cleaning the drainage pump, as there may also be fragments of glass in the pump.

Step 3:

Check that the drain hose is properly connected to the dishwasher. Also check the drain hose for kinks that block the water and for cracks that could cause a leak.

Step 4:

If the above steps do not lead to anything, there is a good chance that one part is broken or that there is another problem. Please call an unclogging service.

As a rule, if you maintain the dishwasher properly, it’s hard to get the diswasher clogged. that means you have a big influence on your dishwasher’s clogging.

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