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Unclogging service

Unclogging the drain

A clog in the drain of the sink, shower or toilet is very annoying. It is even possible that a clogged drain will disrupt your entire life. It is no longer possible to use the toilet properly, to shower and it’s also annoying to have leftover water stay in the sink. In many cases, a clogged drain also comes with odor nuisance. Depending on how persistent the clogging is, it is possible to unclog the drain yourself. But this doesn’t always lead to the desired result. If this is the case, the only solution is to have it unclogged by a specialist.

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A clog can be very persistent at times. If you can’t manage to unclog the drain yourself, it could be that the clogging is much deeper in the drain, or even in the sewer. Do not hesitate to contact us. We have the right tools and equipment to trace the clogging and unclog the drain for you. You are guaranteed a professionally unclogged drain, which you use once again.

Vauses for a clogged drain

There can be several reasons for a clogged drain. Some causes are very obvious and you can do something about them yourself. Other causes may be from outside and it just happens to you. But what are the most common causes for a clogged drain?

Residue of food and grease

A cause for a clogged drain is a blockage in the pipe of the sink in the kitchen. During dishwashing, food residues and grease can be flushed down the sink. Fat in particular tends to adhere to the drain. If a lot of fat accumulates, there will be a clog. This is a cause that you can easily prevent yourself. Use a sieve in your sink to collect food residue and grease. Empty this sieve regularly in the bin, to avoid it ending up in the drain.

Soap residues and hairs

The shower drain can become clogged by regularly flushing soap residues and hairs. Obviously, you want to take a shower every morning, meaning soap residue is rinsed through the shower drain just like hairs. In any case, make sure you keep the shower drain clean. Remove hairs after each shower and rinse the shower drain thoroughly, ensuring that any soap residue is drained thoroughly.

The sewer is broken

A drain will eventually end up in the sewer. There may be problems with the sewer, causing a clog. In this case, there’s little you can do. It is possible that a subsidence happened and that a fracture in the sewer has occurred, but this can also be caused by the root growth of trees or by work. Camera detection can usually be used to determine the location of the problem.

You can prevent a lot of clogging yourself, by paying attention to what you flush down the drain. If you pay attention, you can prevent a large part of all problems.

When do call an unclogging service?

If you suffer from a clogging, you’d probably try to unclog the drain yourself. There are all kinds of resources for this at a hardware store or in the supermarket, but sometimes a household tool will do the trick. If all your attempts are to no avail and you don’t get rid of the clogging, then it’s time to call in an unblocking service, which will unclog a drain properly and quickly.

What are the costs of unclogging a drain?

It isn’t possible to tell how much unclogging a drain will cost. This mainly depends on how persistent the clogging is, whether the clogging is in the sewer and the rate of an unclogging service. There are unclogging companies that charge a fixed amount to unclog a pipe, and yet other unclogging services charge an hourly rate. Assume an average rate of between $ 75 and $ 200.

Step-by-step plan for unclogging the drain

Below is a detailed step-by-step plan for unclogging your drain.

  • Step 1:

    Try it the classic way with a rubber plunger first. Seal the overflow and make sure there is some water in the sink. Then quickly pull the plunger up and down. This works well with shallow clogging.

  • Step 2:

    Sometimes the clogging is in the siphon. Put a bucket under the siphon and take your siphon off. The water that is still in the pipe will run into a bucket. Then clean the siphon thoroughly.

  • Step 3:

    Behind the siphon is the gooseneck. The clogging might be in there, ensuring that water stays in the siphon. Use pliers to remove the gooseneck and clean it thoroughly.

  • Step 4:

    Is the clogging further down? Then use a drain spring. You put the spring in the pipe and you move it up and down, releasing any clogging.

  • Step 5:

    Sometimes it helps to use a chemical unclogging agent. It is available as a liquid or as a pearl and has to work in for a while before you can flush the drain. Carefully read the instructions on the packaging and always make sure that your skin doesn’t get e into contact with the product.

Unclogging the drain

If all of the above steps are unsuccessful, then it’s really time to call an unclogging service. Please contact us for more information and you can be sure that your clogging will be removed quickly.

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