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Unclogging service

Unclogging the sewer

If your sewer is clogged, it is important that this is dealt with as soon as possible. Even if it is in the middle of the night. That’s why our network of sewer specialists is there for you 24/7. Wherever you live in and whatever type of drain you have. Using professional techniques, we can locate the clogging within minutes. Save yourself the trouble of doing this dirty job yourself and call us right away. Even if your drainage is poor and you don’t get any results with unblocking agents, we will unclog your sewer. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Problems with unclogging the sewer?

In the event of a blockage in the waste water outlet, it is not always necessary to use a plumber or a uncloggin company to remove the blockage. When rinsing with a mixture of soda and vinegar, a chemical unblocker or a drain spring helps, your problem is solved. If you do not have these products at hand or if they don’t provide the desired result, please contact us. The disadvantage of improper use of chemicals or putting a drain spring in the sewer pipe is that it may lead to damage. Both to yourself and to the pipe network and that’s bad for everybody. Your sewer clogging is our job!

The causes of a sewer clogging

There are many reasons why there may be a clogging in the sewer. The annoying thing is that it doesn’t even have to be your fault. When a sewer pipe is clogged that is outside your property or rental area, the clogging is not your responsibility, but that of the land manager concerned. If a sewer clog is outside your area, but you are affected by it, that person or body is liable for any unblocking costs or damage you may have incurred. In addition, it also happens that you have to deal with external influences. Soil that subsides and causes sewer breakage or roots of a tree that cracks the drainage pipe in search of water. The most common causes of a clogged sewer, as we as sewer specialists have to deal with, are unfortunately matters that you can control yourself.

  • Crusted substances

    Things like as grease, paint residues and even construction adhesives, you know it: just rinsing your tub after tiling…, are all too often rinsed out in the sink. Few people also know that washing machine detergents, both powders and liquids, do not dissolve. Older people use far too much of these detergents. After all, soap has to foam… If there is too little incline in the outlet pipe, these agents cannot flow away and over the course of time they create a thick layer.

  • Toilet paper, bandages and hygienic wipes.

    Toilet paper is becoming softer, stronger and of better quality. This also means that it does not dissolve as well in water. With sufficient flushing, it does flow away and does not cause any problems. With excessive use of toilet paper or using the saving button on too often, toilet paper will accumulate into an annoying clot. Despite the fact that we all assume that all ladies are aware of the fact that women shouldn’t throw their female bandages in the toilet, you don’t want to know what we encounter during our work. Ladies, don’t! Women’s bandages, make-up eraser wipes, wet toilet paper and kitchen paper don’t dissolve in water and are one of the biggest sewer blockers.

  • Broken sewer.

    Sewage pipes can tear, break or sag, causing clogging. The cause may lie in the age and material of the sewer pipes. Sewage systems consisting of vitrified clay pipes have an age of more than 40-50 years and are actually worn out. After all this time, the glaze of the pipes flakes off into the ground, the pottery is sucked full of water, after which the pipe pulverises and collapses. Drainage failure can also be caused by external forces and a lack of flexibility. Think of subsidence of the soil due to heavy traffic or the construction of a new house. In addition, pipes can become clogged after the suspension has come loose in the basement or crawl space.

When do you call an unclogging service?

Depending on where you think the problem is, you call us. If you think it’s due to caked grease and/or other substances, you know yourself what you’re flushing and whether the drain has been running badly for a while, and you can’t get it to run smoothly again, you call in the sewer specialist. If you suspect that the problem lies further down the drain or that it’s a pipe fracture, you don’t have to try anything yourself and you can call us. With smoke detection or the sewer inspection camera, we can trace the problem in just a few minutes and tell you exactly how we are going to solve it for you. Even if the sewer is repeatedly clogged or if you regularly notice an unpleasant smell, it’s wise to let us take a look at it. There may be damage or a non-return valve to the street sewer that no longer works properly.

Cleaning costs for unclogging the sewer?

If you ask the sewer specialist for a visit, you will at least have to deal with the legally imposed call-out costs. These are fixed. There is nothing we can do about this. Any follow-up costs depend on the nature of your sewer clogging. Is the blockage in the pipe easily accessible and can it be removed without breakage? A soap syrup can be removed without damaging the drain, for example. If you have flushed your leftover grout and it has hardened in the pipe, or the suspension in the crawl space has collapsed, resulting in a torn drain pipe, you will logically face different costs.

Step-by-step plan for unclogging sewers

  1. Is it possible to solve the problem yourself with solvents, a plunger or a plunger spring?
  2. No? Call the sewer specialist. Depending on whether your drain is still running or not, he will make an appointment with you or come straight away.
  3. We’ll make an inventory of the sewer blockage and make a cost estimate for you.
  4. Then we’ll get to work and get the job done.
  5. To prevent recurrence, we’ll give you useful tips on how to keep your sewer system clean in the future.
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