Unclogging the washing machine drain

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Unclogging the washing machine drain

The washing machine can be seen as one of the most important household appliances. Without a washing machine, you spend hours cleaning your laundry. The washing machine saves an enormous amount of time in the household. If you have a clog in the washing machine, you will run into some problems. You can’t wash your laundry at all or it won’t be clean anymore. It is therefore important to regularly check the washing machine drain for blockages, especially if you have problems with your washing machine.

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If you have problems with a clogged washing machine, you also often suffer from leakage. Because the washing machine drain is usually an open narrow siphon with the drain hose hanging in it, the water can flow over the siphon causing a wet floor. Actually, it is impossible to do laundry, because your floor is getting wetter and wetter. This is very annoying, so we recommend contacting us as soon as possible. Our expert will then quickly unclog the washing machine drain, allowing you to do your laundry again without any problems.

Causes of a clogged washing machine drain

It is only logical that a washing machine drain can become clogged over time. Dirt is rinsed with water through the drain and you also use detergent and possibly fabric softener to get your laundry clean. These are all ingredients that create a clogged washing machine drain. What are the most common causes of a clogged washing machine drain?

Dirt and soap residue in the washing machine drain

Dirt and soap residues are the biggest culprit of a clogged washing machine. Dirt from clothing, as well as fabrics from from clothing, are rinsed with water through the washing machine drain. At the same time, the water contains detergent and fabric softener. If dirt cannot be washed away properly by the siphon, it can get stuck and cause a clog. Water in the drain will cool down, which means that soap residue will no longer dissolve properly and will stick to the drain. Too much soap residue can also cause a clog.

The drain hose of the washing machine is clogged

The clogging does not only have to be in the washing machine drain itself, it can also be in the drain hose of the washing machine. The washing machine drain is not very wide, so the drain hose is not narrow at all and is mainly designed for the drainage of water and not for coarser dirt. Accumulated limescale in the drain hose can also cause a clog. In addition, a drain hose can also have a kink, which stops water. That’s why you should also check the drain hose regularly.

A part in the washing machine is broken

There are all kinds of parts in the washing machine that are in constant contact with water. This increases wear and tear, which can cause a part to break. Lime scale is also a common problem in the washing machine. If the drainage pump is damaged by dirt, lime or when it is broken, the water will not be able to be pumped out or will not be able to be pumped out properly. The water will remain in the washing machine, resulting in dirty laundry and odor nuisance.

In most cases there will be a clog in the washing machine drain, but problems with the washing machine itself can also cause a clogging or leakage. Proper washing machine maintenance is crucial to ensure a long service life of the washing machine.

When calling on an unclogging service? H2>

There are some ways you can try to unclog the washing machine drain. In the worst case, a clog may be deep down. This requires slightly coarser measures, such as removing the washing machine drain and cleaning it thoroughly. If the clogging hasn’t been solved yet, then the clogging is really too deep and it’s time to call in a unclogging service. An unclogging service has all the resources and tools to clear your clog.

What are the costs of unclogging a washing machine drain?

The washing machine drain is a simple pipe that is similar to other drain pipes. Usually there is a fixed amount charged for all these types of drains. On average, this will be about $ 75, – to $ 175, -. It is also possible that an unclogging service charge an amount per hour. If this is the case, take into account an average hourly rate of $ 40,- to $ 50,- per hour.

step-by-step plan for unclogging washing machine drain

When your washing machine drain is clogged, you can first try to unclog it yourself. There are some simple methods to do this. If you’re lucky you can do this and you won’t have to use an unclogging service.

Step 1:

If the cloggin is caused by a build-up of dirt and grease, you can pour boiling water from the kettle into the drain in order to try to melt the fat build-up melts and thus remove the clog.

Step 2:

Baking soda in combination with vinegar also seems to work well. It provokes a chemical reaction. First pour a cup of baking soda into the drain and then a cup of vinegar. Leave it to work for 15 minutes and then pour boiling water into the drain.

Step 3:

Take the entire siphon off. If the clog is there, you can clean the siphon and the clogging will be gone.

Step 4:

If these things won’t help, you can use a drain spring to get deeper into the drain. To do this, remove the siphon from the wall and move the drain spring up and down into the drain. This will release the clog.

Step 5:

If your own efforts to unclog the washing machine drain lead to nothing, it’s time to still call an unclogging service.

As washing at low temperatures is becoming increasingly common nowadays, the risk of clogging increases. Therefore, wash at a minimum of 60° Celsius from time to time, allowing warm water to flow through the drain and to release any clogging.

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